Who We Are

LI REX Sdn Bhd is a leading and fully licensed home and commercial texture and wainscoting painting contractor in Malaysia. With sharing the creative ideas on preserving and beautifying, we are devoted to perform the highest standards of services to bring a new life to your home or business building. Our well-trained and experienced craftsmen are dedicated to offer their courteous and commitment in ensuring the best results to fulfill your needs and demands.

LI REX Enterprise respects not only your needs, but cleanliness of your home as well.We truly understand the dirt that leaves behind work is the biggest annoyance to our customers, our ethical craftsmen are trained in maintaining the cleanliness of your home.Your satisfaction is our greatest acquisition, regardless the freshly painted wall or the cleanliness of your home.

Apart from home and commercial painting, we also specialized in texture wall painting. As texture wall paint requires high craftsmanship, we always ensure that all our craftsmen are well trained and equipped with necessary skills and techniques.

Texture Wall Paint – The New Trend

Texture Wall Paint could give a new life to your old plain wall. Unlike flat paint, texture wall paint is a “special effect” added to the wall, creating a rough and gritty look that helps to add character and increase the rustic appeal to your walls.

Do not know which texture wall paint design suits your space?

We at LI REX Enterprise are here to assist. We provide consultation on colour, space and design before we start any projects. Try giving your walls a new life!


Although LI REX Enterprise is not a long established company, the projects it contract was far more than you can imagine. Alec Chye, the founder of LI REX Enterprise, had put his efforts over the years to flourish his company. At the beginning of years, as a fresh man in the painting industry, he was humble in learning the techniques and careful in training his craftsmen. All of his crew was recruited and trained by himself one by one before starting any projects of his company.

Over years, they are now well-equipped with their professional knowledge throughout their experiences. They are licensed painters and they are professional. Alec and his crew will always be responsive to your requests along the way as they know satisfaction gained from needs being fulfilled.

Now, any of the residential, commercial or industrial projects are all well- accomplished by Alec and his crew. Examples of projects that LI REX Enterprise had contracted were residential areas, diary factory, commercial buildings, government projects, etc.


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